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The Real Estate of Things Podcast

About the Podcast

The Real Estate of Things podcast is a show where we unpack the aha moments of those who have mastered the real estate investing market. From our weekly interviews with fix and flippers, rental portfolio mavens, new construction builders, and multifamily moguls, as well as industry experts, economists, and influencers, we’ll uncover the strategies, relationships, and processes you can use to scale your real estate investment business to empire.

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Nate Trunfio, Host

Nate Trunfio is the host of The Real Estate of Things Podcast. He also serves as Chief Revenue Officer for Lima One Capital.

Nathan Trunfio has been in the private lending industry for several years and developed a strong background in real estate investing and lending, including being an active investor himself.

Nate is also a frequent conference speaker and is active in numerous industry groups, masterminds. and trade associations, where he has built relationships with private lending executives and large-scale operators across the nation.

These relationships give him expert knowledge and insights that he can share with investors of all experience levels, within diverse real estate investment strategies that span fix and flip, new construction, rental portfolios, and multifamily.

As Lima One’s Chief Revenue Officer, Nate has helped double the sales team in terms of size and production. Nate’s also involved in other aspects of Lima One’s business, helping to expand marketing, technology, and product development initiatives. He also serves in an important leadership role on the company’s Executive Leadership Team.

Nate has a passion for inspiring personal and professional growth in others, which is on display daily in the way he drives Lima One’s sales team and leaders to work together in helping real estate investors grow, thrive, and prosper.

“Real estate investing is more than just buying, selling, and owning real estate – it’s about the people that are involved and affected by it.  From buyers, to sellers, and the communities that get impacted by real estate investments, the people are the most important and interesting part of real estate.  My goal is to bring in specialists and experts who can give unique insights into the market, explain how and why they’re successful, and give advice on what we can all do to improve the lives of those who are affected by real estate of things.”

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