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About the Podcast

The Real Estate of Things podcast is a show where we unpack the aha moments of those who have mastered the real estate investing market. From our weekly interviews with fix and flippers, rental portfolio mavens, new construction builders, and multifamily moguls, as well as industry experts, economists, and influencers, we’ll uncover the strategies, relationships, and processes you can use to scale your real estate investment business to empire.

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Podcast Host Dalton Elliott

Dalton Elliott is the host of The Real Estate of Things Podcast. He also serves as Director of Sales and Customer Experience for Lima One Capital.

Dalton ensures premier customer service across sales, underwriting, servicing, and construction management functions. Dalton joined Lima One Capital in 2015 and previously worked as an analyst in the Rental30 department and a sales leader over the broker channel. Dalton earned a B.A. in Political Science from Furman University and is a founding member of the National Private Lenders Association.

“Real estate is about more than just buying and selling a piece of property — it’s about investing in a community. It’s about fixing or building houses, rentals, and multifamily properties that elevate neighborhoods and that families are proud to call home. 

This process of turning land-to-property and house-to-home involves many different people and moving parts. And that is what we are here to talk about! 

Join me as we sort through the chaos together every week on The Real Estate of Things.”

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